Alikiba unleashes the beast, not Pandora’s box

ALIKIBA’s special release for Simba Day climax has hit over 400, 000 views in just 21 hours making it the fourth in fast trending by Thursday afternoon.

Today during the climax of Simba Day, Alikiba’s Mnyama Simba has already hit over a million views and it is likely to dominate the airplay for long to cope with the club’s achievement in the coming 2023/24 season.

Twenty-four hours later, Mnyama Simba soared to number two in trending with views hitting over 700,000 by Friday morning.

The Simba anthem has been predicted to stay long in the chart to cherish Simba Day which is an annual event, according to the comments of multinationals who seemed passionate fans of Alikiba.

Geoffrey Malimo, one passionate fan of Alikiba commented 20 hours after the hit went viral: “Unpredictable always playing the chess game gives you moderate vibe then suddenly he unleashes the BEAST longevity is not a joke musicians are born not made King K.”

Alikiba looks likely to make a sky-leap after the Simba Day climax today evening as the hit will remain on airplay since about a half of 60m Tanzanians are supporters of Simba and the rest adore their traditional rivals, Young Africans.

One going by @trendingworld7613 added: “Tanzania is a country where when you come you can find all the joys like in Europe, from music, football, to bongo movies, I love Tanzania.”

For Kenyans Alikiba hit has evoked a memory of Kenyan football rivals; Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards.

Though it was widely practised in the 1970s and early 19080s, the presented Simba and Yanga rivalry involved Kenya too. In those days when Jonathan Niva, James Sianga, Odhiambo Gor, Agrey Lukoye, Elly Adero, Chege Ouma and John Ekello Zangi, Sammy Onyango ‘Jogoo’ were the megastars of Kenyan football, Gor Mahia were Simba’s allies while AFC Leopards of Wilberforce Mulamba fame were Yanga’s partners in Kenya.

“Sisi kama Gor Mahia tume approve ni Top 3 Clubs in East Africa.1. Gor Mahia 2. Simba SC 3. Yanga,” noted @POGMESSITV 21 hours after the release of Simba Mnyama. “After AFC Leopards I always Love SIMBA SC,” added another Kenyan fan who calls himself Wasigongo.

“Congratulations ALIKIBA for an amazing song for Simba Sports Club! Your music will not only capture the spirit of the club but also unite fans in a celebration of their passion for sports. Your talent and dedication shine through, and your songs Keep up the fantastic work, and continue to create such wonderful art that brings joy to people’s lives. Asante sana!,” noted Johanes Petro Machela.

While Peter Magoala added one day later: “Mimi ni Yanga ila wimbo ni mzuri. Japo sifa Za Simba ni nyingi kuliko uhalisia ila ndivyo Sanaa ilivyo na ndio ushabiki wenyewe.

(The song is good though I am a fan of Yanga. Big up King Kiba) Alikiba fans believe the Simba Mnyama hit will stay long in the music because it not time framed as those leaders and others who serve Simba as players will not last forever, but the club will do.

“Perseverance..this musician is immortal,” commented Noah Mbaru. What assures its long stay as one calling himself Iman modern noted,” Matusi (Obscene) 0%, Lugha chafu(dirty language)0%, but melody 100%✅ As Clement Makenzi joined later saying: “Alikiba ni artist mwenye IQ kubwa sana wimbo Haujataja majina ya wachezaji, viongozi wala mtu yeyote kalijua hilo maana mtu ataondoka lakini Simba itaendelea kuwepo.

(Alikiba knows that players and leaders won’t serve the club forever, but Simba will remain) SIMBA NGUVU MOJA. Alikiba has used well his multinational fan base to promote Simba as Remigio Cornelio said: “Nunca me ficarei desapontado por este grande cantor, boa música sem ironia.

Comments from a fan calling himself Arab Ganda Empire says: “Let us all express ourselves through the power of Love peace and Music.” Amoni Ulime added: “Pure Talent, muziki unaodumu. Simba &Kiba ni perfect Combo. From Mozambique Use- Ir4fe8o11p says: “Mfalme King kiba ,Nós te amamos muito aqui em Moçambique.”

“Nice one Kiba pure music no abuse but alot of lessons from it feel love bruuh, love from Kenya,” echoed @user-zz9lk6pf3.

“Mshabiki wa Ali kiba na Yanga..napata wakati mgumu kuuskiliza huu wimbo ila mzuri( As a Yanga and Alikiba fan I get hard time when I listen to this song, but it is wow,” commented @AliK-tc2et. Parading James Taylor, Saxophonist Ronald Bell, and bassist Robert Kool upfront,

Kool & The Gang’ single titled Victory has been widely used to welcome home American war heroes in the late 19980s and early 1990s. In its lyrics they sang: People get ready it’s time to show What you got Players take your place it’s only.

One way to the top You must feel the victory release that Energy and ride like the wind With fire in your eyes shake those Butterflies and do the best you can Victory, victory let the party begin….. Unfortunately, Victory’s long stay in America’s special occasions couldn’t continue to hold water due to the reality wars are accidentals that can not be in a fixture system like the Simba Day.

The same thing happened to Shakira’s World Cup anthem Waka Waka specially composed for the finals held in South Africa in 2010. Even though it is still sampled in today’s music of the new generation, Waka Waka cannot continue to dominate in other World Cup finals because it was specially designed for event staged for the first time in Africa.

It was around 4 am at an undisclosed bar in Mbezi Luis, Dar es Salaam when Simba fans who were playing Alikiba were interrupted by a deafening sound of a youthful who was loudly playing Maroon Commandos’eponymous hit, Amka Kumekucha as he sped his passenger towards the Magufuli Bus Terminal.

Though he was not present when Habel Kifoto and his band composed Amka Kumekucha, the message of the song remains relevant today, some years, later.

Hata wewe mwanangu Amka kumekucha Kwani hizi ndizo saa Za kwenda shule Hata wewe karani Amka kumekucha Kwani hizi ndizo saa Za kwenda kazi Uvivu ni adui mkubwa Wa ujenzi wa taifa Kwani ndicho kiini hasa Kisababishacho njaa Crystal clear the message in the songs are applicable even today.

‘Even you my son, office clerk wake up it is a time for school, work since laziness fosters hunger’ It is Simba Day today, it is an annual event that will annually cherish the Simba anthem unless Simba cease to exist.

•Miguel  Suleyman is a Tanzanian ethnomusicologist based in Dar es Salaam 

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