Airtel Tanzania launches customer week in Dar

Airtel launches customer week in Dar

Dar es Salaam: Airtel Tanzania has joined the rest of the world by launching a customer service week in Dar es Salaam. The International Customer Week is celebrated at every first week of the month of October and Airtel Tanzania will use that opportunity to hold an exhibition of products and services the company has been offering.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam shortly after launching the products and services exhibitions at the Mbagala Zakhem grounds in Dar es Salaam, Airtel Tanzania Director of Customer Care, Adriana Lyamba said that the customer service week is another opportunity for the telecom to show values to its esteemed customers for their loyalty in usage of Airtel products and services.

“As we mark the official 2023 Customer Service which goes by theme ‘Team Service’, I once again comment our esteemed customers for their loyalty and trusting us on their communication needs. Going by these year’s theme, it is a good reminder that no matter where reps work, what their titles are, or how they serve customers, everyone is on Team Service. Teamwork and service has always been our pillar and we work together to achieve our target goals,” said Lyamba.

Lyamba added: “Airtel Tanzania has key principles which we have been putting in place when it comes to a good customer service, convenient and proactive have been our biggest influence and our path to satisfy our customer’s experience.

“During this week of Customer Service Week, our experience on serving our customers will also continue to prosper. We promise to continue practicing patience, listening effectively, being attentive, keeping time while serving our esteemed customers, always willing to improve, acquiring new knowledge in order to keep serving well our customers and mostly being able to admit when we have gone wrong,” Lyamba added.

Speaking after inspecting and opening the customer week exhibition on behalf of Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Ubungo District Commissioner Hashim Komba applauded Airtel Tanzania for the decision to take products and services closer to customers.

“We understand that Mbagala has largest number of population and therefore the decision to bring these exhibitions here will mean that you will reach a large of number customers and hence make penetration very good the audience.

‘Cerebrating customer Service week by using these kinds of exhibitions will add value to your services. I want to use these opportunity call to Tanzanians to come out in large number to get services and products from Airtel.

Airtel Tanzania is 49 per cent owned by Tanzanians, a reason why the official said, choosing and using the telecom’s products and services means: “you are using your own product plus you are contributing to the country’s economy as Airtel Tanzania will always be paying dividend to government which will go to development projects.”

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