Airtel: Reliable internet key for sectors productivity

The use of high-quality and reliable internet speed can bring significant productivity gains in various sectors such as entrepreneurship, agriculture, education, healthcare, and other production activities.

This is facilitated by the significant ongoing investments in the country’s telecommunications sector by various stakeholders, enabled by supportive policies under the oversight of various governmental authorities such as the relevant ministries, Communications Authorities, Mainland and Zanzibar Revenue Authorities, among others.

Speaking at the two-day Connect to Connect (C2C) summit, which brings together over 300 key stakeholders in the communications sector from various African countries, held in Zanzibar, Airtel Tanzania Business Director, Mr Joseph Muhere,  emphasized the company’s substantial and innovative investments in its network, starting with technology and equipment.

“At Airtel Tanzania, we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering our services to Tanzanians wherever they are through digital means, was started with 2G, 3G, and later 4G networks, and now we have 5G,” he said.

Discussing the benefits of Airtel’s investment in network infrastructure, Mr Muhere highlighted how internet usage has brought positive outcomes, particularly during this period of significant growth in online businesses.

“Internet usage with high-speed networks like Airtel’s has benefited not only entrepreneurs not only for businesses but also in the field of education, the use of high-speed internet like Airtel enables students and teachers to download study materials and conduct teaching, for example, Airtel has a special application called VSOMO, developed in collaboration with VETA, to offer vocational courses online.

The revolution in internet usage has brought significant advantages to farmers, as it becomes easier for them to access market information, weather updates, and information about diseases and pests affecting their crops, this enables them to take appropriate measures before further damage occurs,” Muhere added.

Furthermore, Mr Muhere mentioned that to ensure that more Tanzanians own smartphones and can benefit from various Airtel services, including the internet they have introduced a system that allows customers to purchase phones on credit.

“Recognising the importance of increasing smartphone ownership among Tanzanians, Airtel introduced this programme where customers can get a phone with a small upfront payment and pay the remaining amount gradually based on their ability,” he said.

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