Air Tanzania to receive first cargo plane this month

Tanzania will finally receive its first-ever cargo freight; 767-300F with registration 5H-TCO on May 31 this year.

Paine Airport wrote on their twitter page @mattcawby; “Air Tanzania Cargo 767 5H-TCO functional check flight from Paine Field. Delivery flight to GMTT Airport scheduled for May 31”.

The arrival of the Freighter will enable investors and businesspeople that were forced to export their cargos using other airlines to opt for ATCL.

The cargo plane has the ability to carry 54 to carry approximately 58 tons (52.7 tonnes) of revenue payload more than 3,255 nautical miles (6,025 km).

The Controller and Auditor General (CAG) report in March this year revealed an anomaly in the pricing of the new cargo plane that led the President to order all implicated in the shoddy deal to defraud the state to resign from their positions.

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