Agriculture ministry scraps 105 fees, nuisance levies in four years

DAR ES SALAAM: MINISTRY of Agriculture has made tremendous improvement in the crop field thus scrapping more than 105 fees and nuisance levies in four years (2015-2023) charged with various institutions under the ministries.

Deputy Minister for Agriculture, Mr David Silinde said the government will keep on working on challenges that hinder crop business and put in place a conducive environment for the sector to prosper.

He was answering a question from Ms Ahmad Katani (Tandahimba-CCM), who wanted to know the government’s commitment to scrap some of the levies to support cashew nut farmers to grow for the best by getting the best prices.

He said the government has been making improvements in crop revenues, fees and levies since 2015 the ultimate goal being to create a conducive business and investment environment for increased productivity.

Mr Silinde said the government is committed to ensure it creates all conducive avenues to have in place farmers produce crops in big volumes and value addition.

In 2015-2023, the deputy minister said the government scrapped six cashewnut levies, which were highly complained about by farmers as they were stumbling blocks for their business.

The improvement is part of the implementation of a programme to control and manage business.

He said for increased productivity and investment in the agriculture sector as well as to minimise farmers’ production cost, the government will keep on working on revenues, fees and levies on crops.

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