AG Feleshi tells legal service providers to embrace values

THE Attorney General (AG), Dr Eliezer Feleshi has called on public legal service providers to uphold core values, vowing that misconducts would not be tolerated.

Opening a meeting that brought together directors, heads of departments and other leaders of government legal teams, Dr Feleshi urged them to maintain integrity.

He reminded them that as civil servants, they cannot be millionaires overnight but fairness at work was paramount, noting that they have to work in line with the government vision, plans and directives.

According to Dr Feleshi, the work of legal officers is to fulfill God’s call for equality and in accordance with section 8 of the constitution which states that the government has the obligation to provide services and development to people.

He also underscored the need for the legal service providers to be autocratic and more professional.

“In everything you do, professionalism is more important and you have to uphold an intellectual approach,” said Dr Feleshi.

Noting the importance of the officers in driving the government activities, he said the learned cadres should always conduct personal assessments to see if they work as per requirements.

He said the legal officers in different government offices, departments and sections ought to ask themselves if they perform to the employers’ visions and missions.

“It is important that every one of us conduct own evaluation and see if we really implement visions of our departments,” he said.

He also asked them to do an assessment to establish both internal and external stakeholders and see how best to work with them.

Dr Feleshi also urged heads of departments to allow their subordinates grab opportunities like training, professional meetings, among others, noting that such platforms will help in uplifting practice and professionalism.

On the other hand, he urged them to be productive and help the government to meet its expectations.

Earlier, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Sylvester Mwakitalu, noted that the meeting brought together leaders from different government legal service offices to share experiences and knowledge.

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