Admiration as VP inaugurates modern bus stand in Mwanza

FINALLY, a major project to build bus stand and lorry parking at Nyamhongolo in Ilemela Municipality has been launched by Vice-President Dr Philip Mpango, during his recent visit in Mwanza and drew admiration from people.

The appearance of the stand attracts the attention of many people and starts to inspire businesspeople to take advantage of the opportunity to find places to rent for their business.

The project is expected to bring in more than 2bn/- revenue per year for the area due to the investment made in the construction of its infrastructure and thus increase the income for the collection of funds for the municipality.

The completion of the construction of the stand has made the government of the sixth phase to design and resume the implementation of other strategic projects in the area that will cost billions of money to make the city of Mwanza have projects with dignity based on its presence in the middle of the Great Lake regions.

The Director of Ilemela Municipality, Engineer Modest Apolinary, said the construction of the large modern bus stand in the Mwanza City started in 2019 where the total cost of the projects is 26.6 bn/- whereby the work was done by Stecol Corporation, a company from China, under the consultant expert Bureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO) from the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM).

He said the funds used in the construction came from the central government, where the bus stand construction cost 16.69 bn/- and parking 8.23 bn/-, while the expert consultant was paid 1.72 bn/-.

The director of the municipality said that the stand has a passenger building with 10 supermarkets, 46 ticket booths, 2 banks, 2 big supermarkets, 3 restaurants, 72 small shops and a loading area for 120 buses at a time.

Also a commercial building has a small car parking area. Eng Apolinary said that the area has a storage warehouse, a garage, a hostel for sleeping and a place to load 80 trucks at a time while saying that the benefit of the project is to increase the council’s income, attract investment and the number of traders.

He also added that another benefit is to improve the environment of transportation and transportation of passengers and cargo for the citizens of other regions in this country and neighbouring countries.

Eng Apolinary also said that there are 1,300 jobs that will be available in the area if all the infrastructures get investors. The Vice-President of the United Republic of Tanzania has asked the leadership of the Ilemela Municipal Council to ensure that it oversees the entire issue of revenue collection at the bus stand and truck parking area in Nyamhongolo by setting up the best electronic systems for revenue collection.

Dr Mpango said this at the launch event of the stand early on 13 September 2022 and called on Ilemela municipality to be a good example of revenue collection in the stand here in the country so that other areas can learn through the discipline of revenue collection through the big bus stand project.

“I want Ilemela to be a role model for collecting income in this centre, make sure you manage and put in place the best electronic systems for collecting income from this centre, I would not like to see the income lost so all loopholes of income loss should be completely closed,” emphasised Dr Mpango.

He said that he wants to see a change in the whole issue of Ilemela’s income following the construction of this centre as the stand which is a great opportunity so he said he expects to see the collection doubles if there is good management of the centre.

In addition, he asked the citizens to take advantage of the business and employment opportunities available in this centre as well as to ensure that they take care of the area so that it continues to be clean so that it lasts for a long time.

Dr Mpango gave various instructions to the leadership of the Ilemela Municipality, for ensuring that the stand has refrigerators to store perishable products for a short period of time, to construct the hawkers building immediately as well as ensuring that the Ilemela Municipality removes the nuisance of dust and mud in the area of the ‘daladala’ stand including beautifying the stand by planting trees.

Member of Parliament for Ilemela constituency who doubles as the Minister of Lands and Human Settlement Development, Dr Angeline Mabula, in addition expressed gratitude to the President of the United Republic of Tanzania for bringing funds for the implementation of various development projects.

She asked VP to end the long-term cry of the people of Ilemela of the water shortage which faces people of Ilemela municipality. Dr Mabula said the reliable availability of water is important for the growth of the stand as many jobs require the availability of water for use in various development activities.

Dr Mabula added that the people of the area have found a reliable source of income so they should show up in large numbers to find opportunities through the completion of the construction of the area in a modern environment.

“Be excited to take the places to do business at our stand here because there will be a large volume of business and then make sure that you take care of that area so it can last for a long time,” said Dr Mabula.

The people of Ilemela Municipality have every reason to be grateful for the way our government brings us strategic projects because that step is important in making our area have different opportunities, said Dr Mabula with emphasis to the citizens who gathered to witness the grand launch of the bus and truck stand.

Minister of State, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government Mr Innocent Bashungwa, thanked the vicepresident for coming to the area to open the big stand in the country and promised to implement all the instructions he gave.

He said he thanks the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan for the implementation of various development projects and noted that in the period of sixth phase government, Ilemela will benefit from various strategic projects that will start to be implemented for 28.8 bn/- from now after completion of Nyamhongolo bus stand.

Mr Bashungwa noted that the projects which will be implemented are construction of the Kirumba market and the roads leading to the market, the construction of Buswelu road to Busenga up to CocaCola, and the construction of the Buswelu, Nyamadoke to Nyamhongolo road.

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