Accord cooperation to investor,  Simanjiro DC tells residents

SIMANJIRO District Commissioner Dr Seleman Serera has called upon residents surrounding Block C in the Tanzanite mine to cooperate with the new investor, Franone Company to smoothen mining operations in the area.

Dr Serera noted that the government has made significant improvements in the area with aim of bringing more productivity to the mining sector in the country.

According to him, the government wants to ensure that value is added to the Tanzanite before being transported from Mirerani mining site.

He mentioned some improvements carried out as supply of water services at Tanzanite mining site and access roads.

“Already the roads, as you have seen, are being repaired regularly, including availing water services where we have partnered with the Arusha Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (AUWSA) in ensuring that water services and its infrastructure are availed to the area,” emphasised Dr Serera.

The District Commissioner said it is important for the community and residents of Mirerani included those surrounding Block C to accord cooperation to the new investor because the company has already shown good intentions in investment.

Dr Serera said that what the investor is currently doing is to complete the infrastructure within Block C by setting up ways and systems that will facilitate good production when he officially starts operations.

Through the Franone Company, various groups of small entrepreneurs are guaranteed to benefit during Tanzanite mining at the Block C.

Among social services that the company has already contributed include the rehabilitation of the Mirerani hospital fence and its corridor and construction of Naisinyai Secondary School.

The District Commissioner issued the call following claims from some individuals that the living conditions of the residents of the small town of Mirerani may deteriorate due to Block C being handed over to a new investor.

His statement was also backed up by some stakeholders and businessmen in the area who refuted such claims.

“I believe the procedure for finding an investor for Block C was correct and that’s why no one came forward to oppose it,” one of businessmen of Tanzanite mineral, Mr Sammy Mollel, said.

Mr Mollel, commended the government for improvements made at the Mirerani mine.

“The improvements in the mining sector are aimed at boosting the sector including increasing the value of the Tanzanite before being ferried from the mine, this will really benefit the residents of Mirerani,” said Mr Mollel.

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