Absa launches empowering Africa tomorrow

Absa has launched an initiative dubbed ’empowering Africa’s tomorrow, together- one story at a time’ to help the continent overcome its social and economic challenges.

Absa Tanzania, Managing Director, Obedi Laiser, said that as a financial institution, they have come up with business strategies that match with the main purpose of the bank and the reason for its existing in Tanzania and Africa.

“Our main purpose is together to empower Africa tomorrow step by step, meaning that, whatever we do and all our strategies we want to implement its main basis is to empower the continent of Africa together step by step,” he said when speaking with bank’s employees from across the country in Dar es Salaam at the weekend.

He said that to achieve that they will collaborate with all stakeholders to empower one person to another, “we build one brick after brick but create a masterpiece at the end of the day, whether that masterpiece is small or big”.

Regarding empowering the business community, he said,

“The government has shown the way, we as the private sector and stakeholders support these efforts implemented by government by empowering our employees, our customers.”

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