Abbasi issues stern warning to Sports Department officials

THE Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports has issued a seven days ultimatum to the department of sports to complete and submit details regarding the projects being carried out by the department as failure to do it those responsible will face music.

The Permanent Secretary Hassan Abbas made these directives last week after an internal meeting with the executives of the department, officials from  Malya College of Sports Development and the National Sports Council.

During the internal meeting, Abbas ascribed severe operational challenges that have been pinpointed in the sports development department to the extent of hindering many projects; consequently, they had to make management changes in the department. “There are huge operational challenges identified in the sports development department to the extent it hinders development of numerous projects.

“You are the experts; we need these documents to claim the funds to complete the projects. We want work and results and not a lot of blah blah,” he warned.

Therefore the PS has given seven days to the officials serving in the department to complete drafting the required documents, including projects for the construction of public recreation grounds, 56 sports schools and the renovation of various sports grounds.

“The government wants the work done and see results for all these projects.

Now, after those seven days, anyone who obstructs will be given the role he seems most capable of, and not in this critical department for the country’s sports development,” he said.

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