98 pc Tanzanians in GGML employment, skills well transferred?

AS Nyang’wale District Commissioner, Jamhuri William extols Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGM) for greatly employing local Tanzanians, especially the residents in its mining activities and giving priority to companies with domestic basis, what comes into play is that investors become part and parcel of the community, where they invest.

For instance, the DC noted that the investor has become a major source of their funding including the recent sponsor of the mining technology exhibition, let alone since it established its base five years ago in Geita Region.

He gave an example of some of the local companies including African Underground Mining Services (AUMS) that is responsible in providing mining and operation services, especially underground mining to GGML and another firm-the Blue Coast Investment Limited Company sourcing contractors to the investor.

Citing local employment, the DC narrated how more than 98 percent of all the employees of the company are Tanzanians and in turn raising their livelihoods.

What does this show about an investor? Visiting their booth at the fifth National Exhibition of Mining Technology at the Bombambili grounds in Geita region, he said “Where mining has created jobs, it has also led to increased incomes, hence, let me congratulate and thank the GGML management for the great work they are doing in our region… they have really helped us in implementing community projects including education, health and build roads.”

“Mwalimu Nyerere, the Father of the Nation said that we will not extract these minerals until Tanzanians have the capacity, ability and the right technology to mine them so that they can benefit the people and that is what is taking place now.

“We have seen that most of the employees of the GGML are fellow Tanzanians, and they are very skilled in managing this mining sector because in every sector they are excelling.”

He said that this year’s exhibition has been superb for hosting more than 600 stakeholders from various mining companies and its stakeholders for Tanzanians to exchange views and learn also from others.

“I would like to thank all the stakeholders who have come forward to bring products to this exhibition. I call on the citizens of Geita and neighboring regions to come out yearly in large numbers to see various mining and wealth production technologies that will help improve their lives.

“I also thank President Samia Suluhu Hassan for giving the opportunity to Geita region to show the world what we can do, we have been blessed with agricultural products, minerals and various economic activities, it is the right time for Tanzanians from different places to come and invest in Geita region because there are opportunities, ” he said.

Elaborating, GGML Communications Manager, Stephen Mhando said that the company has in practice implemented the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) as the law of the land requires.

He added: “The Mine has become a key stakeholder in the socio-economic development of local communities in the Geita region where it is based and nationally through significant contribution to the taxman.

The transformational story of the Mine is captured through milestones that its investments in important sectors such as education, health and entrepreneurship, among others are making in the Geita region.

GGML was the first in Tanzania to execute its corporate social investments following new legislation in 2017 requiring mineral right holders to prepare and execute their corporate social responsibility (CSR) plans.

Since then, Geita Gold Mining Limited has partnered with the government and local authorities to empower Tanzanian companies and individual entrepreneurs. The Mine has spent billions of shillings to power its social and economic empowerment campaign that is bearing fruits.”

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