82pc of districts connected with fibre optic cable

ZANZIBAR: TTCL Corporation has said 82 per cent of districts have been connected with fibre optic cable contributing largely on the growth of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the country.

Statistics suggests that about 115 districts out of 139 are now covered by fibre optic cable, with the remaining 24 expected to be connected before December this year.

Speaking during the two day Connect 2 Connect (C2C) Summit in Zanzibar recently, TTCL Commercial Director Mr Vedustus Mwita said the potential opportunities include formulating and offering with robust, tailor-made and affordable solutions which are relevant to the surrounding communities and designed to address related Society challenges.

“Some of the opportunities which already TTCL corporation is working on as part of enabling business includes offering supporting infrastructures like strong wireless services and the fiber optic cable which is to guarantee sustainability, availability and reliability of the offered solution.

Also Value addition on social and economic aspect of individuals and community every day’s life,” he said.

He added that TTCL was able to provide a free internet connection at the C2C summit with is attended by more than 250 attendees.

The attendees are local and international ICTs policy makers, regulators, and service providers from across Africa and other parts of the globe.

Mr Mwita added that TTCL Corporation was striving to Ensuring Equal Service accessibility up to the grassroots levels of the society as one area of extending digital opportunities further to members of the public for economic transformation.

“I want to affirm our position that TTCL Corporation, is ready to work with all stakeholders to unlock the opportunities, cementing foundation to the 4th industrial revolution and further open the doors to digital economy,” he said.

He added that C2C summit is viewed as an opportunity to translate the technological means and capability to life purposes, also the ability to harness converging technologies into meaningful connectivity. And it can only be meaningful if it addresses and enhance.

He also said that TTCL has ensured that the telecommunications infrastructure through the National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB) has been improved.

This network now borders eight countries, including Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, and Uganda,”

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