69 pc of villages in Kalambo District connected to electricity

ABOUT 76 villages in Kalambo District in Rukwa Region have been connected to electricity through projects undertaken by Rural Energy Agency (REA) and Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO), it has been disclosed here.

The number of villages connected to electricity so far is equivalent to 68.5 per cent of all 111 villages in the district.

Kalambo District Tanesco Manager, EngineerJaphet Malongo, revealed this while presenting his report to the councillors’ special council meeting held in   Matai township on Friday, which discussed and approved the municipal budget.

Administratively, Kalambo District has 23 wards, all with a total of  111 villages.

He further explained that REA Phase III, Round 2 will see the remaining 35 villages  connected come April 2023.

He further disclosed the contractor JV Pormy & Qwihaya has been contracted to undertake the project in the precinct.

A cross-section of citizens interviewed separately by this newspaper separately expressed gratitude to the government for supplying them with electricity, noting that the services will enable them to set up small scale industries and improve their livehood.

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