50 clubs meet to address football challenges

MORE than 50 clubs in Arusha meet in the city this Saturday to address various challenges that retard the development of football, including the leadership crisis facing many entities.

According to the Arusha District Football Association’s Secretary, Frederick Lyimo, the meeting has also attracted sports academies, schools, women’s teams, and children and veteran clubs as well.

“We shall use this occasion to update soccer clubs on the current sporting situation in Arusha, membership fees, budgeting, the importance of team constitutions, and electing proper leaders,” he said.

According to Lyimo, many clubs in Arusha lack proper leadership and most don’t adhere to their constitutions.

“The executive committee of Arusha District Football Association (ADFA) has endorsed the latest annual fees of the association and this will be tabled during the Saturday meet,” he said.

The secretary added that they will also be provided with new procedures for organising soccer bonanzas, events, and related fees.

At the moment, Arusha City Club is the leading team in the Region and ADFA wants the club to get full support in the forthcoming Regional level Championship League.

“We are reminding stakeholders to support all the teams that are currently representing the region in various events,” he added.

The teams representing Arusha include the Tiger Queens who represent the region in the ongoing Women Premier League; TMA Stars who play in the First League and Mbuni Football Club who also play in the Championships League.

Mbuni FC, on the other hand, are set to play against Green Warriors  on February 10th in Dar es Salaam.

Apparently, Tiger Queens are not doing very well in the Women’s Premier League.

The team is placed at the bottom of the table having played five matches so far, they have lost four matches and secured one draw.

Tigers will try its last card in the match against Amani Queens on February 1st this  year at the Black Rhino grounds in Karatu District.

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