UN General Assembly demands Gaza ceasefire

THE United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, BBC has reported.

The vote is non-binding, but analysts say it acts as a powerful measure of international opinion.

Though the US was one of just ten countries to vote against the resolution, President Joe Biden said earlier that Israel was losing international support because of its “indiscriminate bombing” of Palestinians.

The result of the vote was welcomed by the Palestinian presidency while Hamas said it showed the prevailing international will was in favor of stopping the aggression against the Palestinian people.

Australia, New Zealand & Canada stance

The prime ministers of Australia, New Zealand and Canada have voiced their support for a “sustainable ceasefire” in Gaza.

“We want to see this pause resumed and support urgent international efforts towards a sustainable ceasefire,” the three said in a joint statement.

“This cannot be one-sided. Hamas must release all hostages, stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields, and lay down its arms. There is no role for Hamas in the future governance of Gaza.”

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