4.9bn/- contracts to address water woes in Geita

GEITA: THE Rural Water and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) in Geita Region has signed five contracts worth 4.9bn/- to implement projects to address water shortage in the region.

RUWASA’s Geita Regional Manager, Engineer Jabiri Kayilla presented the projects recently during the signing ceremony held in Bwanga Ward in Chato District.

He explained that two of those contracts are about the purchase of water pipes at a cost of 1bn/- and three contracts are for construction of water infrastructures at a cost of 3.9bn/-.

Eng Kayilla said the purchase of pipes is for water projects in Nyang’hwale District at a cost of 493m/- as well as the Katoma water project in Geita District with a value of 497m/-.

The contracts involve construction of the Bwanga water project in Chato District at a cost of 1.6bn/- and the construction of the Nakayenze-Mwamko water project in Bukombe District at a cost of 1.3bn/-.

“There is also a water project in Iseni, Nyangalamila, Kabiga, Nywiga, Kasubuya and Nyamilonze in Nyang’hwale District to be constructed at a cost of 984m/-.

“The five contracts make a total of 4.9bn/- and our expectation is that the contractors will work timely to ensure water service is available,” Engineer Kayilla explained.

He said in this financial year, 24bn/- has been allocated to Geita region for implementing water projects in all five districts and so far the region has received 11bn/-.

“These projects, along with others that are expected to be signed this financial year, when completed, are expected to raise rural water service from the current 53 to 74 per cent.”

Geita Regional Commissioner, Martin Shigela said the population and housing census 2022 has shown that there is an increase of 1.2 million people from 1.7 million people in 2012, which indicates an increase in the demand for water services.

He directed RUWASA and contractors to ensure that they manage the implementation of water projects on time in order to achieve goals and meet the needs of the population increase.

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