25 pc of selected students join Form One in Katavi

A week after schools re – opening for new academic year only 25 per cent of 18,000 pupils who excelled Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) have joined Form One at the schools they have selected to report in Katavi region, it has been learnt yesterday.

The Katavi Regional Commissioner (RC) Ms Mwamvua Mrindoko reacted by allowing all form one  students to report to schools they have been selected to join even if they don’t have either  new school uniforms or shoes

“Im directing school heads to receive without any destructions  form one students even if they do not have new school uniforms or shoes while their parents or guardians are preparing to provide them with such school requisite needs including new uniforms” emphasized the RC.

In the same vein Ms Mrindoko directed local government leadership from street,village,ward and district levels to manhunt all parents ,guardians whose children will not report until January 20,this year.

Ms Mrindoko issued such directive while addressing a  work meeting meant to improve quality of education provided in primary and secondary schools in the region.

*All students should report to schools they have selected to report as no any of one will be left on the path side because they don’t have new school uniforms ” emphasized the RC.

On his side, the Katavi Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS) Mr Abbas Rungwa said the region is still afflicting with dire shortages of 3,800 of class rooms in primary schools as the available class rooms are 5,289.

He further explained that due to that shortcoming pupils are congested in a single class rooms.

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