20-seater aircraft requires no two pilots, House told

ICAO regulations prohibits less than 20-seater aircraft to use two pilots

INTERNATIONAL Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) regulations prohibits less than 20-seater aircraft to use two pilots, the House of Representatives heard here on Tuesday.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Communication and Transport ruled out the possibility of small aircraft that ply the Unguja-Pemba and Unguja-Dar routes to have reserve pilots as one legislator had demanded.

Kojani Representative Hassan Hamad Omar, asking a question in the house, raised concern over the tendency by small aircraft to use one pilot, describing the situation as risky to passengers in case the pilot develops any health complication.

Responding, the deputy minister said, according to ICAO aircraft operational regulation on composition of crew members, only above 20-seater aircraft are allowed to use two pilots.

He assured the house that the government through Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) is closely monitoring and managing the aviation industry to ensure safety for passengers.

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