20 arrested for subsidized farm inputs theft

POLICE in Mtwara have arrested 20 people, including a councilor of Lulindi ward in Masasi district for allegedly being found in possession of agricultural inputs provided by the government as incentive to cashew growers in the region

The inputs are part of 25,000 tonnes of sulphur and 1.5 million litres of Sulphur liquid purchased by the government to help cashew growers boost production in the country.

Acting Mtwara Regional Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Isack Mushi made the revelation here, noting that the suspects were arrested in Masasi, Newala and Tandahimba district under police swoop conducted on 16 August this year.

ACP Mushi said at a press conference that police in collaboration with Cashewnuts Board of Tanzania (CBT) and Tanzania Plant Health Pesticide Authority (TPHPA) conducted the operation that led to arrest of the suspects.

They were illegally found with Simba Sulphur (31 bags), Dangoti Sulphur (83 bags), Kings (2), Bajuta (27) and a bag of Ba-Sulphur. They were also found with various liquid inputs, including 48 litres of Duduba.

Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Colonel Ahmed Abbas warned business people and the rest of people who sabotage the subsidized farm inputs to stop immediately, because they are meant to boost crops production.

He pointed out councilors, village executive officers as among the people sabotaging the agricultural inputs provided by government to cashew growers as incentives to help boost crop production.

He said the government in the region has put up a plan aimed at conducting a survey in Masasi and the rest of the places to uncover all the people sabotaging the inputs.

“The information we have is that among the people involved in sabotaging the government farming inputs are counselors and Village executive officers,” he said and vowed stern measures against all people involved.







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