196 rooms for Form I students near completion

THE construction works of 196 classrooms for Form One students in Nyamagana District, Mwanza region are reportedly in good progress, it has been learnt.

So far, the construction of the classrooms which are expected to address congestion in classrooms has reached 70 per cent.

The government in October this year allocated nearly 4bn/- for 28 Secondary schools in Nyamagana for the classrooms construction.

Nyamagana’s Acting District Commissioner Yonas Afred while leading the District committee on Security and Defense’s working visit to the site to inspect the progress of the project in order to speed up its implementation that is expected to be completed before the next academic year starts.

He urged the project supervisor including school heads and ward councillors to make sure the construction of new classrooms observe value for money, deadline as well as quality as directed by the government so that they can last longer, and realise government’s goal of improving academic performance.

“We need to see the funds allocated by the central government is utilised well and effectively, we shall not allow any loophole leading to project’s funds embezzlement,” Mr Afred vowed.

Adding: “Make sure you adhere to every stage of project design including all procurement and expenditure to be done under the force account system, the future of our country and quality education is upon all of us,”Mr Afred remarked.

He also directed all supervisors to control any theft of construction materials including steel, iron sheet and cements as it will cause delay in completion of the project.

Mr Afred congratulated all head of schools who managed to reach a stage of roofing the new classrooms.

For his part, Mwanza City Acting Director, Mr Edward Mwamotela, directed contractors to ensure that all buildings meet standards while calling upon all head of schools to take care of newly constructed infrastructures including classrooms.

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