Chongolo touts standards in projects execution

CHAMA Cha Mapinduzi Secretary General, Mr Daniel Chongolo has directed all leaders who have been entrusted with the power to oversee public projects to ensure that the schemes are executed at the required standards.

He cautioned that the leaders should not tamper with the funds allocated for the projects.

Mr Chongolo issued the directives in Gairo District in Morogoro while inspecting Nguyami River Bridge which has been washed away by floodwater.

He noted that the bridge could not have been washed away if the respective leaders supervised well its construction.

“All leaders and executives in the country who have been entrusted with the power   make sure that you supervise well execution of public projects so that they adhered to the required standards,” he said.

Earlier, Commenting on infrastructure challenges including Gairo – Kilindi – Tanga, Gairo MP Ahmed Shabiby (CCM),   mentioned lack of  three bridges as the main challenge especially during rainy season.

Responding, Chongolo  said he had talked to  Minister for Works and Transport Professor Makame Mbarawa noting that feasibility study has already been done and pledged to  make follow up for allocation of funds for the construction of the bridges.

The bridges are   Chakware, Nguyami and Matale.

On electricity, Chongolo issued 18 days ultimatum to Rural Energy Agency (REA) to dispatch a contractor for connecting electricity to Itaragwe Village in Gairo so that they can connect other villages from there.

According to Chongolo only two villages out of 179 have been connected to electricity.

Chongolo issued the directives in first day of his tour of Morogoro Region while at Itaragwe village where wananachi complained of lack of water, electricity and infrastructure including bridges.

Earlier, Electricity Engineer for Gairo, Mr Giles Daniel said that the area was being served by REA and they had alredy secured a contractor who is expected to start the work on February or April this year.

Mr Chongolo, however, was not satisfied with the answers and directed Morogoro Regional Commissioner, Ms Fatma Mwassa to give more clarifications.

Giving the clarifications the RC admitted the challenges facing some villages in the district especially those which have not been connected to electricity.

She said they had requested the contractor to be changed due to lack of efficiency but to date no action has been taken.

Responding, Chongolo directed REA to make sure that it handles the site to contractor come February this year and the work should start immediately.

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