16-Days of activism: ministers up efforts to fight GBV

ZANZIBAR: TWO Zanzibar Ministers, Lela Mohamed Mussa (Education and Vocational Training), and Riziki Pembe Juma (Social Development, Elders, Gender, and Children) have teamed up to raise their voices on the need for concerted efforts to curb abuse of children in the country.

Speaking at different occasions at the beginning of the ’16-Days of activism 2023’, the ministers put emphasis on collaboration involving children, parents, law enforcers, leaders, and the judiciary to put to an end the Gender Based Violence (GBV).

“We must join together to win the war against abuse of children and women because it is possible to keep our country a safe place for all,” Ms Lela Mohamed Mussa said in Pemba Island at an event to mark the annual 16-Days of activism which starts on November 25 to December 10, annually.

This year’s UN theme for 16 days of activism is ‘UNiTE! Invest To Prevent Violence against Women & Girls,’ and by using #NoExcuse as a slogan and hashtag, the campaign calls for financing different prevention strategies and transforming social norms to end violence against women and girls.

On her part, Ms Riziki Juma said if the community cooperates with the government in fighting, preventing and reporting all incidents, then it will greatly help to reduce or end the social menace.

“The government has been taking different measures including laws and policy reforms, strengthening enforcement of laws and increasing public awareness, still the abuses are common,” Ms Riziki said.

She pointed out that most of the perpetrators are family members, neighbours or friends, so it was important to see everyone safe from abuse.

However, she said that despite challenges which still hamper the achievement in fighting abuses, the good news is public awareness about reporting the incidents has increased.

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