15 houses face demolition to pave way Kinyasini market expansion

CONSTRUCTION of Kinyasini market’s parking lot will entail demolition of 15 houses, the House of Representatives heard here on Monday.

Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Minister Dr Khalid Salum Mohammed informed the house that the government through North ‘A’ Town Council is under consultations with various financial institutions on the possibility of taking a loan for speedy execution of the project.

Responding to Special Seats Representative Mwajuma Kassim Makame, who wanted to know the government plan to construct the parking space at the market, Dr Khalid said the government through the council has an elaborate plan to construct parking lots in various areas, including Kinyasini market.

Minister Khalid was standing for his President’s Office, Regional Administration, Local Governments and Special Departments counterpart Masoud Ali Mohammed.

He said the council is currently negotiating with owners of houses adjacent the market, noting that according to a preliminary evaluation, 15 houses have to go.

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