13,352 Kalambo residents to benefit from water project

THE government has allocated 1.98bn/- for construction of water dam   that will benefit 13,352 residents in five villages of Mbuluma Ward in Kalambo District, Rukwa Region.

The move taken by the government is expected to improve people’s health and economic wellbeing for inclusive sustainable development.

The project which will have the capacity to reserve 204,890.47 cubic meters of water is being executed at Kalemasha village by the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWASA) as part of the government efforts to improve water supply and sanitation services in Mbuluma Ward.

The beneficiaries are Mbuluma, Kalemasha, Mao, Kanyalakata and Lolesha with a combined population of 13,352 people.

Kalambo District RUWASA Manager, Engineer Patrick Ndimbo told the Regional Commissioner (RC) Queen Sendiga who recently toured and inspected the implementation progress of the project which is funded by National Water Fund (NWF).

He further explained that, the project is implemented by contractor M/s Chelesi General Enterprises Ltd at the cost of 1,986,047,417.77bn/- .

“The project started in September 2021 and scheduled for completion in  July 2023 for the first phase of the project,” he added.

“We thank the government for providing fund which will facilitate the  construction   of a water dam alongside other water infrastructures to supply clean and safe water to the residents ” he added.

The RC urged the contractor to speed up the project and to observe value for money, project implementation timeframe as well as collaboration with local communities for smooth implementation.

Ms Sendiga said the government has channeled 1.98bn/ to address water woes facing the residents at the precincts. “No tolerance for anyone who will attempt to sabotage the project by stealing construction materials such as cement or any form of malpractice ” warned the RC.

He directed RUWASA Kalambo District Manager Eng Ndimbo to submit updates on the project progress saying it will help the government to identify areas of weakness in time during the project implementation and allowing authorities to take immediate interventions in case of any hiccups.

Ms Sarah Edward a resident of Mbuluma Ward said residents are compelled to trek long distances in pursuit of precious commodity  in various areas ,a move that caused many of them to fail to engage in other productive activities

“We mothers are compelled to suspend their domestic chores only to look for water,” added Ms Sarah.

The government has placed much focus in improvement of water provision services as articulated in the Third National Five-Year Development Plan (FYPD III) 2021/2022-2025/2026 with a theme; “Realising Competitiveness and Industrialisation for Human Development.

FYDP III points that water and sanitation are some of the key ingredients for human development. This sector involves the availability and distribution of water and the protection of water sources and resource environment. In this regard, this plan focuses on improving the availability and distribution of water supplies and sanitation services in urban and rural areas, and protection of water sources and resource environment.

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