130 firms receive ACOYA recognition awards

DAR ES SALAAM: A total of 130 companies out of 700 have received a recognition award from the Africa Company of The Year Awards (ACOYA) due to their efficiency and being the best product producers in Africa.

Among the companies that won the award were the Petrol Group Tanzania, Mansoor Industries, and Sunking Green Planet. .

Speaking during the award giving ceremony held in Dar es Salaam on Friday, Director of the Eastern Star Group of Tanzania, Deogratius Kilawe stated that the ACOYA awards have been organized by The Global CEOs Institute in collaboration with Eastern Star Consulting Group Tanzania, especially for being catalyst in increasing the efficiency and production of quality products with standards.

According to the director, the aim is to bring productivity in the growth of development and economy in the African continent.

“The goal is to recognise, congratulate and encourage the great contribution of companies that are doing well in Africa for them to keep the good work and keep serving the African market with services and products of high quality that will be able to compete with in world market,” the director noted.

This year’s ACOYA awards is the second season of the awards that began in 2023 and succeeded to bring together a good number of  big companies in Africa, where  they discussed on various things that will help in developing the African economy as well as awarding companies that have done well.

Mr Kalewe further noted that the 2024 awards has seen the participation of more than 20 countries, 700 companies in which 130 companies emerged the best deserving the awards.

The ceremony was attended by Zanzibar’s Minister for Trade and Industrial Development, Shabani Omary, and other top leaders.

The Africa Company of The Year Awards (ACOYA) focuses on continuous improvement that builds sustainable institutions based on key performance indicators/ determinants.

Participating organizations are assessed in terms of the soundness of their business processes and the sustainability of their results year after year, while creating a culture that values continuous learning and improvement.

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