10 people perish in separate accidents

KIGOMA: EIGHT people, including one child, have died and six others were injured in a car accident at Mumkungwa village in Kigoma region.

Meanwhile, two people have died and three others survived after a canoe sank in Lake Singidani while they were taking photos on the rocks in the middle of the lake, about 300 meters from the shore.

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Kigoma Regional Commissioner Mr Thobias Andengenye said the accident happened on Saturday evening on the Kibondo-Kakonko road.

RC Andengenye explained that the accident involved a Toyota Probox T890 BOZ owned by Hamis Chaurembo, which collided with a lorry with registration number T833 DUA used in a road construction project undertaken by China Henan International Cooperation Group Co. Ltd (CHICO).

Mr Andengenye said that among the eight people who died, five were men, including a 1.5-year-old child and three were women.

He also mentioned that the six bodies have been identified by their relatives, but two bodies have not yet been identified.

“I call upon people whose relatives travelled between Kibondo and Kankonko to come to our Kibondo hospital to identify the remaining bodies,” he said.

Moreover, he said the six injured individuals were taken to Kibondo Hospital, and after examination, three of them were transferred to Bugando Referral Hospital in Mwanza, while the rest continued treatment at Kibondo Hospital.

He also urged citizens to observe traffic laws and exercise extra caution during the holiday season.

“It is important to drive at a speed that you can handle in case of an emergency on the road or when people like the elderly, children and livestock cross the road,” he added.

Two people drowned and three others survived after a canoe sank in Lake Singidani.

The bodies of the victims were found after citizens and the Singida fire and rescue force made efforts to search for them. The deceased were Jabir Iddy (21) and Mikidadi Rajabu (20).

Speaking on Sunday, Singida District Administrative Secretary (DAS) Naima Chondo urged members of the public using Lake Singidani to observe the law in order to avoid such accidents.

“Anyone entering the water should make sure they have life-saving tools to save themselves in case of an accident,” Ms Chondo said.

Singida Fire and Rescue Force Commissioner, Inspector Trobi Kowinga, emphasised the use of life jackets.

“I want to continue to emphasise to citizens who use Lake Singidani the importance of using life jackets. We have already educated citizens about water safety,” he said.

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