1.29tri/- spent on school infrastructures in two years

DODOMA: PRIME Minister Kassim Majaliwa said the government spent 1.29tri/- in the past two years on education infrastructure development projects in a bid to improve teaching and learning environment in public primary and secondary schools.

Premier Majaliwa told the National Assembly on Thursday that of the disbursed total amount, 484.3bn/- was allocated to construction of new 342 pre-primary and primary schools with 9,189 classrooms.

He gave the statistics when giving a report on the implementation of new Education and Training Policy 2023 and Education Curriculum which has come into effect in January 2024.

The curriculum which was approved by President Samia Suluhu Hassan in November last year meant to have in place vocational and skills-based education.

Mr Majaliwa said the funds covered construction of 346 new teachers’ residential units, 28 dormitories and renovation of 45 old schools.

He added that the remaining 837.8bn/- was allocated to the local government authorities for construction of new 486 secondary schools with 21,990 classrooms, 280 teachers’ residential units, 221 dormitories, renovation of 21 old secondary schools, 151 laboratories and 23 conference halls.

As for the enrolment of students, the Premier said, as of January 26, 2024, in pre-primary school, 1,268,917 were enrolled of which boys are 642,979.

The list included 2,366 pupils who fall into the special needs category.

Moreover, he said, 1,549,743 standard one students have been enrolled as of January 26, 2024, whereby boys are 772,019. Of the total students, 3,311 fall in the special needs group.

He said this year’s standard one enrolment is equivalent to 89.6 per cent of the estimated target that stood at 1,729,180 of children aged seven.

The Premier said that this year’s Form one students’ enrolment so far stands at 1,092,984 of whom 507,933 are boys. He asserted that the enrolment is ongoing.

“The growth in enrolment trend has been favoured by the implementation of the free education policy,” said Majaliwa.

The Prime Minister went on instructing the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Ministry of State, President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government to take full control of unnecessary contributions by school committees to parents.

Ms Jane Jerry, Special Seats legislator-CCM questioned on the current initiatives taken by the government in preparing and recruitment of enough qualified teachers who will deliver as per the new reforms.

In his response, the Premier admitted that the shortage of specialised teachers is due to different reasons such as retirement, sickness and deaths, especially in technical education.

He said the government plans recruitment of technical and science teachers. Last year the government issued employment permit for 4,000 posts of which 2,500 targeted science teachers.

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