Grumeti intensifies fight against coronavirus

AUTHORITIES in Serengeti District have intensified the war against Coronavirus, with Grumeti Reserves supporting a quick public awareness campaign to enable local communities take preventive measures against the pandemic.

“Our public awareness campaigns have reached thousands of citizens in many parts of Serengeti District, including Mugumu town itself, which hosts many people,” Serengeti District Commissioner (DC), Mr Nurdin Babu told the ‘Daily News’ on Tuesday afternoon.

He said the public awareness campaign was immensely supported by the conservation and community development non-profit the Grumeti Fund. 

The organization and their eco-tourism partner company Grumeti Reserves have both invested heavily in conservation, community development and tourism is the western Serengeti over the last 18 years.”

The Serengeti DC also closed all livestock markets and other busy markets to ensure that the pandemic does not have access to Tanzania’s wildlife-rich district.

He said even local passengers travelling by public buses and private vehicles through the Serengeti National Park are subjected to undergo screening at entrance points.

“The good thing is that many citizens, including bodaboda riders are now aware that Corona is an enemy we all need to fight by taking measures, which include washing hands regularly and report people related to Corona patients “, the District Commissioner said.

Grumeti Fund Relationships Manager, Mr David Mwakipesile said the anti- COVID-19 campaigns were extended to the neighbouring Bunda District.

“We have so far reached about 31 villages and major towns in Serengeti and Bunda districts,” Mr Mwakipesile said.

Health officials in the whole of Mara Region have intensified medical check-ups in all entry points and other areas that could be prone to Coronavirus, according to the Regional Medical Officer (RMO), Dr Florian Tinuga.

“We are conducting checkups in all risk areas, but washing hands often is a must,” the RMO said in an exclusive interview with the ‘Daily News’ at Sirari border last week.

Besides Sirari border, he mentioned other areas as Musoma airport, Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) and bus stations.

He said if any person is found with high fever or other symptoms related to Corona, he or she is put in special tents at Sirari border for further examination.

The region, he said, has put in place nine isolation centres to attend to people who will be suspected to have Coronavirus infections.

“In Mara Region, we have nine district councils and there is a centre in every council,“ Dr Tinuga said. COVID-19 is now seen as a global problem, with every nation taking strong measures to curb the pandemic

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Author: MUGINI JACOB in Serengeti

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