THE Manyara Special Seats Legislator, Ms Anna Gidarya has shrugged off reports that the opposition parties were against all that the government was doing, calling for the public to cooperate in development activities for their own benefits.

THE National Institute of Transport (NIT) has encouraged motorists to test their vehicles for road worthiness using the state of the art and computerized facility to detect defective parts.

THE World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors yesterday approved 179bn/- as new credit facility to support the Tanzanian government’s efforts to provide quality education to millions of primary and secondary school children.

AM not starting a gender war here. Just stating an often repeated idea that has taken root in my mind. In this world of ours, there are too many people who believe in the spoken word, others make a living from telling the masses what they want to hear. You have heard that politicians lie, right? I mean they make promises they know they cannot fulfil.

INTERNET users in Tanzania have been alarmed over a new ransomeware attack which has disrupted computers around the globe. Speaking In the wake of the cyber calamity, cyber security firm Sophos VicePresident, Middle East and Africa, Mr Harish Chib, said the virus is similar to the ransomware that wreaked havoc last month.

ONLY 60 per cent of 1.5 million trees each District Council was supposed to plant have been reported to be responding well, with an expert survey showing that the government needs at least 100bn/- a year to ensure the campaign succeeds fully.

SOPHOS, one of the global leaders in network and endpoint security has released the findings of a regional study carried out in South Africa and the Middle East, indicating that the major-ity of organisations in Middle East & Africa (MEA) are recog-nising the benefits of integrated security, especially the concept of linking network firewall and endpoint security for better insights.

DAR ES SALAAM is growing and flourishing at an alarming rate. With an estimated population of more than five million, places like Kimara Temboni and Mbezi Mwisho which were once seen as ‘dead’ end have almost become affluent areas in recent years.

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