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See all ads from JORDAN NYEMBE
Tiens CS-988 Qi Circulation Massager for sale, For more information please contact me with the following cell phone: 0764546826 / or 0714908920

Therapy and Relevance provided by this machine and how you can use it, please read this description below.

The Best Blood Circulation Massager on the body massagers market!
Have you been feeling some of the stresses of work and chores taking their toll on your body? Been getting aching, tired and swollen feet? If you’ve said yes to one or more of these questions, then it might just be time that you look into investing in a Qi circulation massager for yourself. Common signs that you could benefit from a blood circulation massager are cold hands or feet, cramping in your calf muscles, and cramps in buttocks and legs that reduce in intensity through sleep and rest.
Product Description
The Tiens CS-988 is a larger version of a similar Qi Circulation Massager that is produced by the company, albeit in a smaller size. The extra volume on this one, however, adds the additional vibration and rotational support that a hand massager should provide. This gives a boost to the quality and strength of foot plate massage and back or waist massage that can be given using the machine. The product also features dual controls on speed, allowing you a larger amount of adjustability when using the deluxe machine in the comfort of your own home or office. In fact, you’ll find that the palm massager part of the Qi Circulation massager energizes all of your hands, upper body, and arms in union.
You will find that the basic posture is very beneficial when done using this machine. It is also known as the posture for oxygen replenishment. It simply involves sitting in a chair, placing the toes to the edge of your contact plate, and remaining like this for five minutes. So, this blood circulation massager is definitely your solution for invigorating your muscles and stimulating a higher level of energy in your body that will drive away the stress and fatigue.
Benefits and Functions of the Qi Circulation Massager
The Qi circulation massager is one of those fantastic products that have come out of the long-standing and proven traditional medicines of Chinese culture. This blood circulation massager specifically belongs to the range called “Chinese Traditional Healthcare.” As busy human beings, we are constantly on our feet, whether it’s at work, in the kitchen, or while out on a run. The feet and hand are also the extremities of the body where the most extensive micro-circulation networks run. And, this Tiens CS-988 machine can help you promote this blood supply through the use of built-in acupuncture therapy mechanism that will target and stimulate specific pressure points on your hands and feet. You can, in this way, completely restore the healthy, balanced circulation of your body. Particularly in individuals who spend a number of hours in a sitting position at work, are overweight, or drink excess of alcohol, circulation is found to be quite poor.
Price:$ 1 100 000.00

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB/Galaxy Note 3 $350 UNLOCKED

See all ads from bazaar
Whatsapp,Call,SMS : +254719532238
Skype : bazaarphones

Buy 2 And Get 1 free + Our company’s Commercial T Shirt & Cap.
Buy 4 And Get 2 free + Our company’s Commercial T Shirt & Cap.
Buy 10 And Get 5 free + 10% discount + Our company’s Commercial T Shirt & Cap.

New Release Apple iPhone 6 16Gb $600
New Release Apple iPhone 6 Plus 16Gb $700

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB $350
Apple iPhone 5S 32GB $400

Apple iphone 5 16Gb $260
Apple iPhone 5 32Gb $290

Samsung Galaxy S5 + Gear Neo 2 $450
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + GEAR $350
Samsung Galaxy S4 $320

HTC One (M8) $350
HTC One Gold 32GB $320
HTC One 801 $300
HTC One MINI 2 $280

Sony XPERIA Z2 $380
Sony Xperia Z Ultra -$350

24HRS Whatsapp : +254719532238
Price:$ 581 000.00

Dar es Salaam
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB/Galaxy Note 3 $350 UNLOCKED

Brand New Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked GSM version

See all ads from pmforinfo
Brand New Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked GSM version,

Available in 16GB/64GB/128GB size,

Condition - New/Unlocked (Ready for use with any network operator or sim card in any country).

Also available in Space Gray, Silver and Gold color.

Price Range - $500 to $800 .

Buy Now Save 10%,

You can contact via E-Mail: pmforinfo@gmail.com if you have any question regarding the listed items.
Price:$ 500.00

Brand New Apple iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked GSM version

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB/Galaxy Note 3 $350 UNLOCKED

See all ads from bazaar
Apple iPhone 6,5S, 5C ,5
Blackberry Q10, Porsche P’9981 Gold , BlackBerry Porsche P’9982 Gold
Samsung Galaxy S5 , S4 , Samsung Galaxy Note 3 + Gear
HTC One M8

Whatsapp,Call,SMS : +254719532238
Skype : bazaarphones
Price:$ 581 000.00

Dar es Salaam
Apple iPhone 5S 16GB/Galaxy Note 3 $350 UNLOCKEDApple iPhone 5S 16GB/Galaxy Note 3 $350 UNLOCKED

Samsung Galaxy Note 3/whatsapp+254703726613

See all ads from souvephonesllc
All the latest phone models of all Brands Apple Iphone,Samsung Phones,HTC Phone,Blackberry and its Original Accessories are available (whole sale&Retails). Quality products & quality service. Excellent after sales support. Repair and Services for all kinds of mobiles.

Skype ID:SouvenirPhones

Apple iPhone 6 16GBplus...$800
Apple iPhone 6 64GB plus....$1000
Apple iPhone 6 128GBplus...$1200
Apple iPhone 6 16GB.....$700
Apple iPhone 6 64GB.....$900
Apple iPhone 6 128GB.....$1100

Apple iPhone 5s 64GB.......$500
Apple iPhone 5s 32GB.....$450
Apple iPhone 5s 16GB......$400
Apple iPhone 5c 32GB........$400
Apple iPhone 5c 16GB.....$300
Apple iPhone 5 64GB....$3500
Apple iPhone 5 32GB.......$300
Apple iPhone 5 16GB.....$250
Price:$ 670 589.62
Samsung Galaxy Note 3/whatsapp+254703726613

100 lot, Surveyed plots for Sale in Kigamboni-Dar es salaam

See all ads from dalalitz
These are 100 surveyed plots.
We are looking for an outright purchaser, or Individuals capable to buy from 10 plots or more- at once.
This is an ideal property for a promising return given its location and accessibility to&from the City Center.
Located Approxmtly, 25km from Magogoni Or 7km from Kurasini through the new Brige on construction.
only 8,000 P.SQM.
Site plan is available for a check.
Price:$ 5.00

dar es salaam
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