Remembering Adam Lusekelo, Original ‘Light Toucher’

Amby Lusekelo

APRIL 1st 2017 marks six years since my Dad, and first love of my life, passed and went to be with angels.

I found myself thoroughly confused, battling the internal war that is missing him every day that goes by and being happy that he is resting and sharing his jokes with the angels.

That as opposed to being witty with the gun craze, incredibly uptight society that we now exist in. I found myself reaching the sad conclusion that if my Dad, the one Adam Lusekelo, was alive and kicking right now, he would be rotting in jail.

There is absolutely no doubt that my Dad would be telling jokes with the good people in ‘Central’ or worst still, in Segerea serving time for unclearcharges and that sort of stuff. The charges would be anything from drug using/trafficking to telling jokes that steam too close to the truth and thus treasonous.

The first joke would be around how he was so asthmatic, anything more than nose drops to clear sinuses would sign his death certificate. I can also bet a good amount of money that my Dad would also be witty about all these ‘unmentionable’ situations we find ourselves in.

Oh, he would have a field day! Telling jokes because that is what my Dad was good at. He would be able to make fun of any and every situation and sometimes to the point of annoying the person at the butt of the joke.

But the lightheartedness of it all would be so pleasant; the person would have no choice but to laugh along knowing full well that everyone else was laughing at them and not with them. My Dad’s sense of humour was known around the world and that was how he knew how to communicate.

I remember he always used to tell me that it is important to tell the truth and as a journalist he had to tell the truth but people hate the truth so the only way he could tell it like he saw it was to crack a joke. “Deliver it in a way that isn’t too bitter to taste, Baby.

That way they will consume it all and reflect on it after they have laughed.” He used to tell me. My Dad had a genuinely had a good sense of humour and for that I will always miss him.

He also had the God-given ability to spill the truth no matter how bitter and somehow, people would always appreciate him for that. I loved him simply as Daddy but the world knew him as Mr. Light Touch which touched a lot of people and in his absence, there is a substantial hole that will never be filled. Rest in eternal peace Adam Lusekelo- Baba Amby.

Twitter: @ambylusekelo

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