With this trend, we are a doomed society

Antony Tambwe

WAKUBWA shikamooni, wadogo mambo vipi?” Today l have a very foul mood, to say the truth and I will not pretend to be okay, ‘unafiki huo sina!’ You see, let me be open and admit that I am a father of three lovely daughters, and I love them very much, and as a good father, I want what is best for them.

When I see a girl young enough to be my daughter doing stupid things I will react the same way I might react if it was my own daughter doing it, ‘ndio jinsitulivyolelewa,’ a child belongs to the community.

Some years back, not a very long time ago, it was considered a major scandal if a grown man in a relationship with a school going girl, ‘ilikuani mwiko kabisa. Those are the days gone by, never to return, when a father was a father, a grandfather was really a grandfather, and a student, or a young person, was actually young.

Those were the days when if someone was found having an affair with a person who is too young or too old, they were practically condemned by the society.

Recently, a friend of mine told me something which I had no idea he was capable of telling me and that is when I realized that the society we are living in is rotten, ‘imeoza kabisa!’ The guy told me, with a very serious face, that he was in the process of hunting for a person called ‘Sugar Mommy’.

Okay, in my ignorance, I thought that he was telling me that he was in search of a lady who is sweet, you know what I mean, ‘msiniangalie hivyo!’ But what my friend meant was that he was looking for a woman who is much older than he is and he was desperate for one.

‘Wale hawana’ pressure mwanangu, atakuleatu!” that is what he told me, and for those who still don’t understand what it entails for an older woman ‘kukulea’, then I should inform you that it means several things, but the main thing is what we fondly call ‘Ankara’.

‘Wengine watamlaumu Magufuli’ for the tough economic times, but if you ask me, that is a lot of crap, ‘samahani kwa kauli hiyo,’ but the truth is, looking for a man or woman because of financial gain is wrong!

You find an old man, old enough to be a former play mate of Nelson Mandela, in a serious and hot relationship with a young girl old enough to be his latest granddaughter, and you wonder what really went wrong, ‘kuna nini!’ ‘Inatia aibu,’ because some of these old men, in efforts of trying to satisfy the young girls sexually, they end up swallowing Viagra to boost their performance, “nani haohao wanaokotwa wamefia gesti, inasikitisha sana!” You find a very beautiful girl, still in college or high school involved in a relationship with a man old enough to be her great uncle, simply because they are after money, ‘huo ni uvivu wa kufikiri,’ shape up your acts! ‘Jamani mnashangaza,’ but the ones who should be more ashamed of their actions are the old ones, ‘sikatai,’ even the young men and women who accept sexual advances from these people have problems, ‘wana matatizo makubwa!’ Aren’t you ashamed when you involve yourselves in these types of liaisons? Kuna shida, money can’t buy everything, especially love, and you people should know this, because it is obvious that you are selling your dignity because of carnal things, ‘jihurumieni!!’ You find a woman who can’t even remember the year she got her menopause in a very suspicious situation with a young boy who has all the reasons to compare her with his grandmother.

‘Hamuoni aibu jamani!?’ These are very shameful acts, and don’t feed me that crap which says that age is nothing but a number! ‘Ni aibu’ and they are things which can be controlled. It all boils down to the way you select, and it becomes a shame when at your age you decide to rob the cradle.

If we complain about child labor, then I think we should advocate for this also. Take someone your own age, not three or four times your age! It is surprising, but the young people, ‘nao wamo!’ And it becomes very worrying when both you and I know that the real reason why you are moving with that old man or woman is purely on the financial angle!

By doing these shameful and scandalous acts, these young men and women have shown clearly that they can even sell their mothers if the price is right! I shiver to think what really happens behind closed doors, that is why we hear of some of these old people dying of heart attacks in very mysterious situations!!!

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